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Need Help?

We're here for that!  Click here to email our helpdesk. Just let us know what the problem is and send it - that's it! A ticket is automatically generated and sent to our techs, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can! Of course you can always call us at 415.462.6262. If we're assisting other clients, please leave a voicemail - that also generates an email which gets sent (and transcribed) to all of our techs. Isn't technology cool?
If you have been asked by a Redshift Tech to log into the remote assist, that's the portal below - please see the instructions on how to use!

Below is the Redshift Online Support Portal - this allows us to remotely connect to your computer (with your consent) and troubleshoot problems remotely. Just enter your name, company and choose 'Redshift Support 1' then the 'Click Here' button to get started. If you are prompted to Run or Save, please click to allow this. Once the remote session has ended we no longer have remote access to the PC.

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