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Technology solutions that get business results.
Business Network Support
Network Design

Stable networks don't happen by accident - it takes thoughtful planning and expert execution. If the foundation of your network isn't right, what you're running on it isn't going to work well either. With years of successful network rollouts and re-builds we can help you build a stable and reliable network, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Computer Help
Helpdesk & Support

Whether we can assist you remotely or need to be onsite, you can count on a Redshift Tech to help you through whatever issue you're having! Just email or click here to access our Remote Support Login and help is on the way!


Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Based Solutions

You hear a lot about the 'Cloud' nowadays, and with good reason - it's an excellent alternative for having servers onsite (and incurring all the expense that entails). Whether it's email, backups or file sharing, we can evaluate whether a cloud-based solution is a good fit for your business.


Network Security
Network Security

Crucial. Often overlooked. It used to be that the bad guys would bypass small businesses in favor of larger, richer targets. They called it 'security by obscurity'. This no longer holds true, and if you're not protected from threats both external and internal you could be in for a shock. Redshift can perform a security audit to identify potential holes in your defenses, from physical to digital and recommend industry leading solutions to protect you. It's dangerous out there, shields up!


Computer Backup
Disaster Recovery

No one plans to have a disaster, but you can plan for them.  They're going to occur - often when you can least afford to deal with the downtime. Many companies that experience data loss go out of business - the figure varies between 40-60% within 6-12 months. Our multilayer approach combines both onsite and offsite components to ensure that regardless of the crisis, we can get you back up and running.


Small business phones
Voice over IP

Voice over IP (or VoIP) phone systems used to exist only in the domain of the Fortune 500 world - no longer. Now you can affordably have a system that provides exceptional functionality (auto-attendant, voicemail sent to email, call-following, simultaneous ring on cellphone and more) with very little up front investment and no contract. Expand your presence with a true business-class phone system - you won't go back.


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